Chiropractic Testimonials

"I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I am feeling so much better than I was 3 months ago, and I was beginning to think it was not possible. I have increased activity recently without pain, so I am very hopeful now. Increasing exercise tolerance will help me with weight loss. I am well on my way to enjoying a more active lifestyle with my family.

Julia and Stacy are wonderful, and i love seeing their smiling faces. My girls recently put them on the list of 'People they love'"

Thanks again."

- Carla

"Please allow me to begin by saying that up until recently I was somewhat skeptical of visiting a chiropractor. However, that idea has long since vanished!

In late March of this year, I began having pain in my upper left leg. Immediately I self diagnosed myself and assumed I had pulled a muscle. Just did something to myself in exercise class I mistakenly thought. After a week or two I visited my physician and mentioned his "muscle thing." I'd like to mention at this time that I have a great deal of respect for my doctor and value his opinion and treatment. He watched me walk around the examining room and then prescribed me a prescription for a pain killer and one for muscle spasm. He said that if I was not better in a couple of weeks to return and we would have to take the treatment further. Well, I immediately had the prescription filled at the pharmacy and began taking them as directed, by the second dose, my thinking process was far from cleat and I was walking and talking as though I was intoxicated with the benefit of attending a really good party.

On Wednesday morning, April 4th, I woke up with the most horrendous pain in my leg. I absolutely could not stand, sit, lay down, or think clearly for that matter with all the pain. It was just terrible. I immediately told my husband that he had to get me some help as soon as possible. Thankfully, when he phoned your office and explained the situation you were able to see me within the hour. Please believe me when I say it took all I could muster just to ride in the car. You were so kind and patient with me. You took the necessary X-rays and did an examination. You told me to come back later in the afternoon and you would begin treatment that day. I did return that afternoon and every other day for the next several weeks. With the help of your treatment, Miss Kim's massages, and Miss Shaina's therapy, I am now "pain free." If took quite some time to get to this point and believe me when I say I didn't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I did get there. Had I continued with just prescribed medications I have no doubt that my pinched nerves would not be healed and I would be walking around in a haze everyday and still be expecting excruciating pain. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff I am healing every day. I can get out of a chair without gasping and waiting several seconds for the pain to subside so that I can begin walking. Thanks to all of you, I have regained my life!"

- Gayle

"Who knew that an evening with friends would change my life? During the course of the evening the subject of chiropractic care came up and more specifically how you saved their daughter's life. As I listened and asked questions, I started to wonder if there was a possibility of my finding relief through chiropractic care from the pain that I had been experiencing for several years.

Admittedly, I was apprehensive about alternative medicine, especially since I have a high respect and trust in my primary physician. Then I thought why not call Dr. Matt and schedule a consult. Maybe the pain, stiffness, and difficulty getting a restful night's sleep that I had been living with were not due to aging.

After my initial consult and first week of treatments, I was asking myself "why did I wait so long to seek out your help?' After only one month, I feel like a different person. I am sleeping all night, my range of motion has increased, my neck pain has all but disappeared and I no longer need to take prescribed medications for arthritis.

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and personal attention you and your staff have given me. I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to your office. Again, thank you for my new life."

- Carol

"Three months ago I cane to you for my very first chiropractic visit ever. I was so nervous. I even asked my co-workers to pray for me as I was leaving the office! I too was praying, "Lord, please don't let this guy crack my neck and paralyze me for life!!!" But after two years of upper back and neck pain I was desperate for relief. I had gone to my family doctor and an orthopedic doctor and had X-Rays and an MRI but the results showed nothing but normal aging and degeneration. The only thing they could do was prescribe a strong Ibruprophin to relieve some of the pain and Ambien, to help me get some sleep. So I did just that until this past May when suddenly my lower back was in pain and I could hardly walk. I became so tired and so depressed. I remember crying out to God "Please help me. I am only 50 years old. How can live like this for another 30 years? I don' want to live like this for another 30 years. I just can't." I cry now just thinking of those moments.

I don't know why I didn't listen to my husband earlier and set up an appointment with you. He had come to you the year before with a neck and nerve problems, but not until he exhausted other means and was by then miserable. However, after several months of chiropractic treatment he was back to his old self again. We were so grateful that he was feeling so much better. We thanked God for his healing touch upon Billy through you. I guess my notion of chiropractic care as non-medical and non-supportive is what held me back from seeking your service. You should have heard me the first month or two when I wasn't seeing any results. I told my husband, "Billy, I'm not feeling better and I'm giving him three months and if I don't feel a lot better by then, then that's it!" HA! Here I am three months later saying that I feel a lot better and I can't wait until you finish the job and get the last bit of stiffness and discomfort in the upper part of my back. I still toss and turn some at night but I'm not taking sleeping pills and I occasionally take pain relievers. I can't believe it. Thank you Dr. Matt! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your team-Julia, Keena, Kim! I have given praise to my God in heaven for each of you! Your professionalism, kindness and expertise amaze me. May God continue to use and bless B.L.Black Chiropractic!"

- Cindy

"When my partner, Richard, injured his back very badly, we had to find a local chiropractor, and fast. He had been moving us from Wilmington to Charleston, and the heavy lifting finally caught up to him one morning. He was unable to stand up and his pain was intense and intensifying. I had been seeing a chiropractor periodically in West Ashley, but making the drive was out of the question for Richard. He called the B.L. Black Clinic and was assured that he would be seen within the hour. Struggling to get into the car, we made it over to the clinic where we were treated with great care and understanding. From the moment Dr. Matt started to work with Richard, through the prescribed treatment of three months, Richard's progress was sure and steady. Dr. Matt made himself available to Richard throughout the process, calling him, or receving calls from Richard to help him through it.

I was impressed with Dr. Matt, and with Richard's progress. When a free initial exam was offered, I was happy to accept it. Despite the degeneration the x-rays revealed in my neck and the reasonable payment plan offered for treatment, the expense was still outside of my budget.

When my feet began to bother me so badly that I was concerned about my future at work, I went back. Dr. Matt and I agreed to try once a week treatment schedule, although what sort of results we might get were in question. I have invested in a pair of orthopedic insoles and was amazed at how quickly the pain in my feet turned around. Immediately!

We continued with once a week treatments, and when it came time to re-evaluate, I was suprised at how much progress I had made. The piercing headaches and neck pain were virtually gone. In fact, I had completely forgotten about them. The strength and flexibility in my back and neck had both improved, and many of my original issues were behind me.

My work provided me with a consumer accounts card that has allowed me the financial freedom to accelerate my treatment plan. Still, we worked out a plan that would not deplete my finances, but would grant me the boost my lower back needed to come into alignment.

While I have worked with many talented chiropractors over the years, it is my sincere feeling that Dr. Matt (and his supporative staff) is one of the most dedicated and passionate practitioners in the field. His commitment to facilitating the healing process through every available means (adjustments, stretching, strengthening, massage and orthopedic support) truly embraces the concept of "holistic health" and healing.

What started out as a very painful, and scary experience for Richard has blossomed into a blessing for the two of us, and those friends we are happy to refer. We are very grateful!"

- Bonne Anderson & Richard Huntzinger


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